Cove: How to change the retention period for backup

Last Modified

Tue Mar 22 09:04 GMT 2022


  • How to change the retention period for backup?


  • Cove Data Protection (Cove)


    1. Create new product (or edit existing):
      1. If a product needs to be created, follow the steps on Creating custom products in the Cove documentation
      2. Click on the Product
      3. Open the History Limits tab
      4. Increase the History limit for datasource needed
    2. Apply product to device
      1. Click on Dashboards to list all devices
      2. Click on the device that needs the new retention
      3. Select the Settings tab
      4. Select the product created/edited from the Product dropdown
  • Native CMC (LEGACY):
    1. Create new product
      1. Select Manage menu
      2. Select Products
      3. Select Add New
      4. On right pane, navigate to the heading History limits, per data source
      5. Under this heading, each data source has a retention period (in days) that is adjustable
    2. Apply product to device
      1. Right click device
      2. Select Modify Device
      3. Select pull-down beside Product and select the new product created
    3. After a backup finishes, cleaning occurs on the storage node to remove data which is no longer within retention.