Silent installation of Backup Manager - macOS

We strongly do not recommend downgrading Backup Manager to a lower version after installation is complete. In cases where the Backup Manager has been downgraded, we cannot guarantee the application will function correctly.

Silent installation is a way to install backup devices through the Terminal on macOS devices.

For macOS devices, the silent installation option only installs the software, there is no way to pass the extra installation parameters to the installation package via the Terminal, so must be done manually.


Here is how to perform the silent installation of the Backup Manager:

  1. Run your terminal emulator as an administrator
  2. Download the Backup Manager for macOS from the Management Console's Downloads page
  3. Run the installer and submit appropriate parameters for the installation. Here is an example command:

    sudo installer -pkg mxb- -target

It would be possible to create a script that references a configuration file (config.ini) with the device name, installation key and encryption key/security code to update the config.ini file after a successful installation and then have it restart the Backup Service Controller. This would reload the system with the new configuration updates, however a pre-existing script is not available so you would have to write this manually.

The config.ini file can be found in this location:

/Library/Application Support/MXB/Backup Manager/config.ini


You can update the following variables with the correct information:

  • User=X
  • EncryptionKey=X
  • installation key=X

Once you have updated the config.ini file, you will need to restart the internal backup process for all changes to take effect.