Enable protocol logs

Protocol logs help support engineers and system administrators investigate miscellaneous network issues.

Protocol logs must be enabled at least 15 minutes before they are sent for investigation to the support department.

To enable protocol logging, stop Backup Manager functional process and create the BackupFP.Protocol folder in the Backup Manager logs folder.

  • Windows: C:\ProgramData\MXB\Backup Manager\logs
  • macOS: /Library/Logs/MXB/Backup Manager/
  • GNU/Linux: /opt/MXB/var/log

When done, start the Backup Manager functional process (this is necessary to apply the new settings).

When you get all necessary details, you can disable protocol logging:

  1. Stop the Backup Service Controller. See Restarting the internal backup processes and service for details
  2. Remove the BackupFP.Protocol folder
  3. Start the Backup Service Controller again