Relocate storage node on Windows

Step 1: Copy the data

Start by copying the data from the source machine to the target machine. We recommend using Robocopy, a command-line utility that is included into all Windows packages starting from Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008. Robocopy minimizes the downtime while the node is unavailable.

To learn more about the syntax, start the Command Prompt and submit the following command:

Robocopy /?

You can run Robocopy either on the source machine or on the target machine as in the current example.

  1. Create a directory on the target machine where you want to copy the data – for example \storage_new:
    mkdir data\storage_new
  2. Copy the data from the source machine to the target machine
    robocopy \\source_machine\original_dir \new_dir /E


If the source is in the local network, format the command in the following way:

robocopy \\\storage_orig data\storage_new /E

If the source is on a remote server, you need to log in to the server, go to the source directory and then do the copying.

NET USE \\\IPC$ /u:root 123456 cd c:storage/ robocopy \\\storage_orig data\storage_new /E

Step 2: Stop the storage node service

  1. Start the Services Console
  2. Navigate to Backup Service Controlleror Process Controller service
  3. Right-click and select Stop
  4. Now find the Cloud Storage Node Monitor service
  5. Right-click and select Stop

The downtime has started

Step 3: Copy new data

Now it is necessary to copy the most recent backup data that might have accumulated on the source storage node after the initial synchronization session. We recommend copying the data with the /MIR option (it removes temporary files from the target directory).

robocopy \\\storage_orig data\storage_new /MIR

When the final synchronization is completed, the original and the target folders will contain exactly the same data.

Step 4: Create a user for storage node access

Create a new user and a group named "iasouser" with GUID 2001 on the new storage node.

  1. In the Command Prompt, create a new group:
  2. net localgroup 2001 /add

  3. Create a user in that group:
  4. net localgroup 2001 iasouser /add

Step 5: Install storage node software to new hardware

  1. Copy the original storage node installation folder from the original machine
  2. robocopy \\\ C:\Program Files\CloudStorageNode \Program Files\CloudStorageNode /E

  3. Make sure the storage_node_config.ini has been copied
  4. Download the Storage Node Installer for your operating system from the N-Able website
  5. Run the Storage Node Installer with the Reconfigure option. You can change the settings as necessary (even use a different IP address). But it is important that the primary properties stay unchanged:
    • Storage node name
    • Storage pool