Update and reconfigure a storage node

To update the storage node software or to reconfigure the current settings, you need to repeat the installation as you would when installing a storage node for the first time, with the Reconfigure option enabled.

Storage Node Installers are available in the Downloads section of the Management Console. They can also be downloaded from here.

Storage node reconfiguration does not influence active backup sessions (new backup data is distributed among other storage nodes available to your company while the home node is unavailable).


You can change most of the settings during storage node reconfiguration. There are only 2 major properties are not subject to editing during a reconfigure: name and customer. This means it is not possible to re-assign an existing node to a different customer or rename the node. In these cases you will need to create a new node and put the current node out of service if it is no longer needed.

The DNS record can be used in place of the IP address by entering the domain name in the External Address(es) field. In case other external addresses are used, the DNS record should be listed first.

Do not replace the IP addresses for the Remote connection address, External addresses for remote connections, Remote connection address for legacy backup clients and External address(es) for remote connections to legacy backup clients fields.


  1. Download the Storage Node Installer for your operating system from the N-Able Cove Data Protection page
  2. Start the Storage Node Installer
    • On Windows, it opens as a set-up wizard. Choose Reconfigure an existing storage node

    • On Linux and FreeBSD, use the command line. Set executable rights for the script (root# chmod +x mxb-cloud-sn-linux-x86_64.run) and then run the Storage Node Installer (root# ./mxb-cloud-sn-linux-x86_64.run). You will be asked what you want to do. Set -installation-mode to install
  3. ./mxb-cloud-sn-linu x-x86_64.run
    Verifying archive integrity... All good.
    Uncompressing Cloud Storage Node installer........
    Cloud storage node installation modes:
    [1] Setup new or update existing cloud storage node
    [2] Upgrade old appliance to a cloud storage node
    Enter the number: 1
    Cloud partner name: AcmeIT
    Cloud user: root@email.com
    Cloud password for 'root' user: 123456
    Attempting to authenticate at cloud.securebackupandrestore.com:443... ok
    Storage directory [/opt/mxb/storage]:
    Storage name [Primary]: linux_001
    Storage node name: Linux001
  4. Proceed through the installation steps for the relevant Operating System, updating the settings needed:

The new settings will be applied automatically within the next couple of hours.

If you have previously configured Log Size Limiting entries in the storage node config.ini, these will need to be re-added after reconfiguration of the storage node is complete: