Changing user properties in JSON-RPC API

To modify a backup user, use the ModifyUser method. You can change the following properties:

  • Re-assign the user to another customer
  • Change the users name, title, email address or phone number

Usernames and passwords cannot be changed.

Required parameters

Parameter Description Supported values
userInfo A group of parameters related to the user UserInfo (has child parameters of its own see the UserInfo child parameters table below)

Sample request

    "visa": "{{visa}}",
    "method" : "ModifyUser",
    "params" : {
	"userInfo" : {
	    "Id" : 987654,
	    "RoleId" : 1,
	    "Flags": ["Technical","Sales"]

Sample response

    "id": "jsonrpc",
    "jsonrpc": "2.0",
    "result": null,
    "visa": "{{visa}}"