Cove: Update to Permissions


  • I logged into and received a message about updating permissions for my devices.
    • SolarWinds MSP is changing its name to N-able. To avoid interruption in backing up your Microsoft 365 data, please click below to grant permissions to N-able.


  • Cove Data Protection (Cove)
  • Microsoft 365


  • This update and the subsequent changes to permissions only need to be granted once per M365 account
  • There is no option to run a script or automate this process
  • For more information, see Microsoft 365 permissions update


As you may have seen, SolarWinds MSP has transitioned to N-able; to avoid service interruption with your Microsoft 365 data backups, you will need to grant permissions to the new N-able subscription. This will overwrite the existing installation, but preserve selections and preferences.

Migration is basically a change to allow N-able to back up new data on behalf of your clients, and to restore old and new data as needed. It’s all about providing appropriate authorization to the Microsoft API. Your backed up Microsoft 365 data will not be affected or changed by this action.

The data will be retained as expected. There is no change to our previously agreed data retention, and the usual recovery procedure includes granting/verifying this permission in order for recovery to take place.

As of October 1, 2021 unmigrated Microsoft 365 backups will stop running. Previously backed up data will be retained, and the usual recovery procedure includes granting/verifying this permission in order for recovery to take place.

Migration must take place by October 1, 2021.

If you have not granted the necessary migration permission by this date, your Microsoft 365 backups will stop working. You can continue backups by completing the migration any time after this date, but if you delay, there may be a gap during which backups will not occur as expected.

Cove Data Protection (Cove) for Microsoft 365 uses an OAuth protocol for authorization with the Microsoft API. Individual domain authorization is required by this protocol. A manual user action is required for any third-party application to work with your Microsoft 365 data. You may recall performing this same authorization step when initially setting up Backup for Microsoft 365. You are now being required to do this again in order to grant the same permission to the new N-able entity. Each Microsoft 365 subscription has a unique set of permissions, and it’s required to grant these permissions per domain, rather than in bulk. The required permissions are the same, but each domain is unique, and we need your permission for each one specifically.

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Mon Aug 21 GMT 2023