Installation Verification on GNU/Linux

Once the Backup Manager has been installed to the /opt/MXB directory and started, this runs the /etc/init.d/ProcessController start-up script.

The script starts the /opt/MXB/bin/ProcessController binary. ProcessController then checks and restarts the Backup Functional Process (BackupFP) binary if necessary.

You can specify UID and GID for the BackupFP in the /opt/MXB/etc/ProcessController.config file. It is root by default:

<param key="user" type="int">0</param>
<param key="group" type="int">0</param>

Verify BackupFP

To verify that the BackupFP is initialized and bound to the right ports. The first port is 5314. The second port is one of the following, depending on your service provider:

  • 5000
  • 5001
  • 4000

Run the following command to check the ports:

# netstat -nlp|grep BackupFP

A response will look like this:

tcp     0      0*       LISTEN      6586/BackupFP
tcp     0      0*       LISTEN      6586/BackupFP

The first part of the response displays a remote communication port for legacy devices powered by the desktop-based edition of the Backup Manager. The second part – for devices with a web interface.

If you get no response, it means that the BackupFP has not been initialized. In such a case it will be necessary to look into your log files to investigate the issue.

The ports can be changed if your network requires it. You can do it by changing 2 parameters in the Backup Manager configuration file:

  • In the [General] section, add CommunicationPort=7777
  • In the [HttpServer] section, find the HttpServerPort parameter and edit is value to the required port number e.g. HttpServerPort=8001