Uninstalling Backup Manager (GNU/Linux)

The way to uninstall the Backup Manager on Linux is determined by the file format of the installer you used. There are three of them altogether:

  • RUN – this is the recommended format (suits all Linux distributions and requires minimum settings)
  • DEB – for Debian and Ubuntu
  • RPM – for CentOS, RHEL, and SUSE

Step 1. Uninstall Backup Manager

To uninstall the Backup Manager from your Linux machine, run the command suitable for your installation package.

  1. Log in to the device as a root user:

    % sudo -i

  2. Run the ininstall command:
    • RUN: # /opt/MXB/sbin/uninstall-fp.sh
    • DEB: # apt-get -y remove --purge mxb
    • RPM: # rpm -e mxb

Step 2 (optional). Remove related files

You can clear all files created by the Backup Manager using the following command (suits all the Linux distributions):

  1. Confirm you are still logged in as the root user:

    % sudo -i

  2. Run the remove command:

    # rm -rf /opt/MXB