Filter application logs

Backup Manager application log entries can be filtered by appending parameters to the URL. Most of the parameters coincide with the log components. The [timestamp] component can be filtered using several parameters.

See View application log for ways to view the application logs.

Supported parameters

Parameter Definition Type Corresponding component in log structure
time.year The year when the record was created Numeric [timestamp]
time.month The month when the record was created Numeric The date when the record was created Numeric
time.hour The hour at which the record was created Numeric
time.minute The minute at which the record was created Numeric
time.second The second at which the record was created Numeric
type The type of log:
  • E – error
  • W – warning
  • L – informational logging
  • D – debug
String [type]
thread_id The thread ID of a record String [thread_id]
module The name of the module the log record is related to String [module]
message An explanatory message String [message]

Supported filters

Filters for string parameters:

  • eq – "equals"
  • ne – "does not equal"
  • cn or no parameter – "contains" (default)
  • nc – "does not contain"
  • sw – "starts with"
  • ew – "ends with"

Filters for numeric parameters:

  • eq or no parameter – "equals" (default)
  • ne – "does not equal"
  • gr – "greater than"
  • le – "less than"

Syntax to use

A filter is formatted in the following way:


[condition] can be omitted. In this case a default value will be used: cn for string parameters or eq for numeric ones.

You can create several filters for the same parameter. For example: (show records created between 16 o'clock and 18 o'clock)

Here are some examples.

URL string What it means Show log records created in 2015
Show log records matching the following conditions:
  • created on the 16th between 13 and 16 o'clock
  • belong to the module which name contains "BackupShell"
  • have a message that does not contain the "Tag" substring