Cove: What happens if a seed backup is never uploaded?

Last Modified

Tue Oct 20 11:45 GMT 2020


  • A backup seed was performed on the device but the data was lost or can not be uploaded.
  • A seed load backup was deleted
  • Our seed drive/disk was lost in the mail


  • Cove Data Protection (Cove)


  • When a seed backup is performed the remote storage is setting aside space for that backup to be uploaded.
  • If backups are still being performed after the seed backup, they are incremental backups based on the seed that was performed prior.
  • Restores will not be possible while in Post-Seeding mode.
    • Also the device can not be switched back to normal mode because the backups afterwards are based on data that was never received.
    • If a backup is performed and the complete seeding button is clicked, the Backup Manager will inform you to upload the data using the servertool.
    • If the data is lost or can not be uploaded, the device will need to be re-created in the dashboard and the device will need to be started over with backups.