What's new in Cloud Commander

Features and enhancements

Device list change—Intune and Windows 365 Cloud PCs | 10 June 2024

To enhance clarity, the data shown on the Device list page is now separated into two pages. One page for Intune managed devices and the other page for Windows 365 Cloud PCs. See Intune managed devices and Windows 365 Cloud PCs.

Onboarding assistant for initial setup | 14 May 2024

We added an onboarding assistant for the initial Cloud Commander setup. See Start a Cloud Commander trial and setup.

New data displayed for devices | 12 April 2024

Two new columns are added to the device list: OS (Operating System) and OS version. Power state is added to the device details for Cloud PC devices. See View devices and device details.

Risky users reporting and remediation | 25 March 2024

We added a feature for Risky users reporting and remediation. You can now use Cloud Commander to manage the risks detected by Microsoft Entra ID Protection. Cloud Commander displays a single view of risky users across all your managed customers, so you don't need to sign in to customer tenants individually. See Risky users reporting and remediation.

Updated: Jun 07, 2024