Backup profiles in Backup Management Console

Backup profiles let system administrators configure backup settings for multiple devices as one.

Backup profiles are available to the following types of partners: distributors, sub-distributorsresellers and end-customers.

Support for profiles is supported for Windows, macOS and Linux backup devices

Once a backup profile has been created, it cannot be moved to another partner. Profiles created at the reseller level can be applied to end-customers underneath this reseller, but profiles created at end-customer levels cannot be applied to other end customers or resellers.

When a profile is assigned to a device, the Performance tab of the Backup Manager GUI will no longer show the Abort backups and do not start backups when limited time frame is reached for these backup data sources option.

Pre- and post-backup scripts are not compatible with backup profiles, so once a profile is assigned to a device, the Scripts tab under Preferences will not be displayed.


LocalSpeedVault settings in backup profiles

To prevent data loss caused by the profile applying the incorrect LocalSpeedVault credentials when not fully synchronized, LocalSpeedVault settings can no longer be applied in a profile.

The profile must be disabled before configuration of the LocalSpeedVault can be applied.

  1. Disable device profile
    • In Backup & Recovery Web Console, select device checkbox in the dashboard > Assign Profile > Choose no profile.
  2. Restart Backup Service Controller on affected device to apply the changes
  3. Alternatively, wait 15 minutes and the changes will be applied automatically

  4. Launch the Backup Manager and change the LocalSpeedVault details to the correct location and save
  5. Re-apply the profile
    • In Backup & Recovery Web Console, select the device checkbox in the dashboard > Assign Profile > Choose the profile you removed in step 1
  6. Once the LocalSpeedVault is fully synchronized, further changes can be made from the profile

Removing and Deleting Profiles

Remove a Profile

  1. In the Device Management module of the Backup Management Console, select the devices to remove the profile from.
  2. Click Assign on the toolbar, then Backup Profile.
  3. Select No Profile from the dropdown.
  4. Click Save.

Delete a Profile

  1. Log in to the Backup Management Console under a SuperUser account
  2. Select Profiles from the vertical menu.
  3. Find the profile you wish to delete.
  4. Only those profiles that are not assigned to any devices can be deleted.

  5. Click the trashcan icon to the right of the profile name
  6. You will be prompted to confirm you wish to delete the profile. Click Remove.
  7. Profiles that have been deleted cannot be restored. If you need a profile that has been deleted, you must recreate it manually.