How to add backup scripts in the Backup Manager

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Mon Jan 07 20:50 GMT 2019


  • Is it possible to setup backup scripts?
  • How do I setup backup scripts?


  • Cove Data Protection (Cove)
  • Backup and Recovery


  1. Open Backup Manager locally
    1. Open a web browser and go to
    2. Find the device on the list
    3. Right click the device then select Launch backup client
    • This is because Scripts option will not load remotely, for security reasons
    • If connection to Backup Manager's port (5000 by default) is not allowed, scripts will not work
  2. Go to Preferences > Scripts
  3. Create and name script
  4. Go to Preferences > Schedule
  5. Open schedule where you want to enable scripts
  6. Select script from dropdown
    • Two dropdowns, one for Pre-backup and one for Post-backup
  7. Save schedule