N-able Backup: Files and Folders completes with error: "The file or directory is not a reparse point."

Last Modified

Thu Dec 31 10:57 GMT 2020


  • Files and Folders backup completes with the error "The file or directory is not a reparse point."
  • One Drive is the main cause of this issue.


  • N-able Backup


  • This is caused by the Backup Manager detecting the files as links rather than actual files on the machine.
  • This error occurs due to files being available online-only, usually within OneDrive
  • By design, Backup Manager only backs up files local to device
  • If files are not local to the device, Backup Manager will not be able to back them up
  • Make OneDrive data available offline:
    1. Right-click OneDrive icon in System Tray
    2. Click More at the bottom > select Settings
    3. Select Settings tab
    4. Under Files-On-Demand, uncheck checkbox Save space and download files as you use them
    5. Restart Backup Service Controllerservice.
    6. Attempt to run a backup of Files and Folders.