Add Report Manager Databases to a maintenance plan

N-ablerecommends that you include all Report Manager ODS and warehouse databases in a Microsoft SQL server database maintenance plan. A maintenance plan will ensure databases are performing optimally.

For settings not specifically mentioned, you may define them according to your network requirements.

See the Microsoft instructions for details on using the Maintenance Plan Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio.

  1. Set the following in the Maintenance Plan Wizard of Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio:
    1. Set the plan properties Name to Report Manager.
    2. Set the Job Schedule properties as follows:
      1. Select the Recurring schedule type
      2. Select Weekly or Daily frequency.
      3. Choose your duration settings if you selected a daily frequency.
  2. Select the following maintenance tasks:
    • Check Database Integrity
    • Reorganize Index
    • Update Statistics
    • Back Up Database (Full)
    • Maintenance Cleanup Task

    N-able does not recommend shrinking your database.

  3. For each selected task, define the task, and edit the definitions as required.
  4. For each task:
    • Select all of the ODS databases and the warehouse database.
    • Configure cleanup task settings. The settings for this task do not affect the Report Manager installation.
  5. Select your report option settings.

The Report Manager maintenance plan is created and included under Maintenance Plans.