Configure HTTPS and SSL for Report Manager

By default, the N-able N-central server uses HTTPS for secure and encrypted communication with client computers, while the Report Manager server does not.

You must either configure Report Manager to use HTTPS or configure Internet Explorer to use Mixed Mode content.

Configure the Report Manager server to use HTTPS connections

  1. Set up an HTTPS Service in IIS.

    Search "How to Set Up an HTTPS Service in IIS" in the Microsoft Knowledge base articles, at

  2. Install an HTTPS certificate in IIS.

    Search "How to implement SSL in IIS" in the Microsoft Knowledge base articles at

  3. Enable HTTPS in Reporting Services.

    Search "Configuring a Report Server for Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Connections" in the Microsoft Knowledge base articles at

  4. Enable HTTPS in Report Manager:
    1. After installing Report Manager, log in to the Report Manager Administration Console.
    2. Navigate to the Advanced Settings page, and set the value for Enable HTTPS access? to True.
    3. Click Update to save your changes.
  5. Update the Internal and External IP, then update the Export IP:
    1. In the Report Manager Administration Console, navigate to the Server IP Configuration page:
      1. In the Internal IP Address field, enter the FQDN.
      2. In the External IP Address field, enter the FQDN.
      3. Check that this resolves correctly on both the N-able N-central server and Report Manager server to the desired IP address:
        • This can be done from the Command Prompt on the Report Manager server.
        • For N-able N-central, navigate to Administration Console > Test Host Connectivity.
    2. In the Report Manager Administration Console, navigate to ExportIP.
    3. Click Edit in the right hand column.

      Update this value to the Internal IP address if N-able N-central is on the same local network as Report Manager.

    4. Click Update.

      This will Export data from N-able N-central straight to Report Manager using your internal network.

    5. Click Push Settings to All Data Sources.

Configure Internet Explorer to support Mixed Mode Content

  1. Add the N-able N-central and the Report Manager IP Address (or FQDN) to your Trusted sites zone.
  2. Clear all cache and cookies.
  3. Enable Mixed-mode content:
    1. Click Tools > Internet Options.
    2. Select Security.
    3. Click Custom level.
    4. Scroll down to Miscellaneous, and ensure that Display mixed content is set to Enable.
  4. Restart your browser. The browser must be restarted before the changes will take effect.