SSL for N-able N-central - Wildcard / UCC Certificates

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Thu Jul 07 13:05 GMT 2022


  • This article will assist with applying a Wildcard or UCC certificate to your N-able N-central server


  • All Supported Versions of N-able N-central


  • It is not possible to generate or export a wildcard certificate using your N-able N-central Server.
  • The N-able N-central Server is equipped to accept (upload) a certificate, but the certificate must already be in a PKCS12 format, which is password protected and contains the bundle and private key of that server.
    • PKCS12 format filename extensions are .p12 or .pfx
  • If the wildcard is in any other format than this, the system does not accept it.

Method 1

To create and apply a wildcard certificate compatible with your N-able N-central Server:

  1. Fully chain and apply your Wildcard certificate to a Windows server.
  • If you need directions on how to do this, your CA should have instructions on how to do so.

  1. Export the certificate in PKCS12 format (Select "Include all certificates in the certification path if possible" check box when exporting the certificate).
  2. Log in to your N-able N-central UI using the Product Administrator account, and stay at the System Level. (NOTE: System Level is the RED background level that is available for product Admins)
  3. Go to Administration > Certificate Management > Upload Certificate.
  4. Select Wildcard/UCC as your upload type.
  5. Click Choose File and select your PKCS12 format file, and provide the password you created during the export process.
  6. Click Upload

Method 2

This is not officially supported but may work in some cases. Method 1 is preferred.

  1. Use the following website to convert the wildcard certificate to PEM format:
  1. Chain the certificates and upload as per SSL for N-able N-central - Chaining your certificate
  • You will be logged out until the N-able N-central has finished applying the certificate.