View the Azure resource list- PREVIEW ONLY

To view resources, Azure Resource Manager must be activated and at least one customer with resources in Azure must be onboarded. For information, see Onboard CSP customers - PREVIEW ONLY.

The Cloud Inventory Resources tab displays Azure resources for all your onboarded customers and provides data for each resource including its Azure health status.

The displayed resource health status is gathered from the Azure Resource Health API. For more information, see the Azure documentation.

You can sort each column alphabetically in ascending or descending order, or by resource health status, and set the number of resources per page so you can navigate the list using multiple pages.

You can also search for a resource and filter by Health Status, Resource Type, and Tenant.

To view the Azure resources list:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Views > Cloud Inventory

    The Cloud Inventory Resources tab displays with a list of the resources for all your onboarded customers.

    The date and time of the last Azure data refresh displays in the Cloud Inventory. Refresh your browser to see the latest refresh date and time.

  2. You can click a column heading to sort by that column
  3. You can filter the list using one or more of the filters on the left expandable panel

    If you select more than one category within the same filter category, a logical OR is applied to the result. If you select multiple filter categories, a logical AND is applied to the result.

    For example, if you select the following filters, the results include all the Bookshop customer Virtual machines that report as Unavailable or Unknown.
    Health Status: Unavailable, Unknown
    Resource Type: Virtual machine
    Tenant: Bookshop

  4. You can select the number of actions to show per page and navigate using the pages
  5. In the Resource Name column, you can click a resource name to view its environment and dependencies. For more information, see Drill down to view Azure VM resource details - PREVIEW ONLY.

    Only Azure Virtual machines support viewing details.