Drill down to view Azure VM resource details - PREVIEW ONLY

To view resource details, Azure Resource Manager must be activated, at least one customer with resources in Azure must be onboarded, and the resource must display on the resources list. For information, see Onboard CSP customers - PREVIEW ONLY.

The Cloud Inventory Resources tab displays Azure resources for all your onboarded customers and provides data for each resource including its Azure health status. For information about the Resource tab, see View the Azure resource list- PREVIEW ONLY.

To drill down to view resource details:

Only Azure Virtual machines support viewing details.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Views > Cloud Inventory

    The Cloud Inventory Resources tab displays with a list of the resources for all your onboarded customers.

  2. Select a resource name to view its environment and dependencies

    An overview displays with the details of the selected resource environment.

    Example: Virtual machine overview

    The Dependencies section lists all Azure resources that are logically or operationally associated with the resource you are viewing.