View performance for an Azure resource - PREVIEW ONLY

Using Cloud Inventory, you can view performance data from Azure for your resources.

To view performance for an Azure resource:

Only Azure Virtual machines support viewing details.

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Views > Cloud Inventory

    The Cloud Inventory Resources tab displays with a list of the resources for all your onboarded customers.

  2. Select a resource name to view its details

    An overview displays with the details of the selected resource environment.

  3. Select Monitor to display Performance information for the resource

Performance descriptions

Metric Description
CPU utilization (Average) Average CPU utilization percentage for the past 24 hours
CPU credits CPU Credits Consumed — Average number of credits consumed by the VM for the past 24 hours
CPU Credits Remaining — Average number of credits remaining for the VM for the past 24 hours

CPU credits data is only available for B-series burstable VMs.

Memory Average available memory in bytes for the VM for the past 24 hours