Onboard CSP customers - PREVIEW ONLY

Prequisite: If you are a Microsoft Partner and want to onboard CSP customers, you need a Microsoft service account with a Global Admin role.

To onboard CSP customers as a Microsoft Partner, you authenticate your Microsoft service account credentials and then review and approve the N-able application's requested permissions. When authentication is complete, the Microsoft-verified N-able application is registered under your tenant with the granted permissions and the application is listed under Enterprise Applications in the Microsoft partner center.

Next, you map your N-able customers to Microsoft customers (Azure tenants) and forward a Granular Delegated Admin Permissions (GDAP) relationship request to an admin on the customer side to approve. Without approval by the customer, the GDAP relationship cannot be finalized and N-able cannot start ingesting data from the cloud for that customer.

Finally, you review and track your customers' integration status to ensure you obtain GDAP relationship approval.

To onboard CSP customers, the Cloud services setup guides you through the following three steps:

To rerun the Cloud services setup at any time to reconfigure existing customers or to onboard new customers, go to .

After you onboard your cloud services, you can make the following changes:

Integration status descriptions

We track and display the status of the GDAP relationship workflow between the Microsoft tenant and your N-able customer.

Status Description Action
Not configured GDAP relationship not established

This status occurs when:

  • Initial status — GDAP relationship not yet defined or attempted
  • Offboarded customer — You have unmapped the customer

If you want to onboard the customer, select your N-able customer and site that maps to the Microsoft tenant
Needs approval Customer mapping is selected but the GDAP relationship is not yet customer approved When prompted, click the Copy approval link to send to your customer
In-progress Transitional state No action required, but you can refresh the page to get an updated status
Finalize GDAP relationship is approved by the customer When prompted, click the Finalize approval link
Approved GDAP relationship is properly established. Azure Resource Manager can now ingest data from the cloud. No action required
Error GDAP relationship reports an error Resolve the issue causing the error, then use the Reset Approval link to try the customer mapping process again
Pending relationship Customer mapping exists in N-able but the GDAP relationship is terminated in Microsoft Offboard the customer (unmap) and onboard them again
Ignored Customer mapping existed but is now removed No action required
Issues found GDAP relationship cannot be created or can be created with but without all the required access permissions When prompted, click the Accept relationship link and then choose one:
  1. Revalidate — if you think you have resolved the issue and want to retry
  2. Accept — proceed despite the limitations
Approval with limitations Status applied when you accept the GDAP relationship after it had a previous status of Issues found No action required