View users

The user view in N-able N-central provides a one-stop location to perform a number of user-based tasks, as well as provide an easy way to view users within Service Organizations (SO), Customers, and Sites. When you look at the list of users in N-central, you see all users that are at the level you're in plus users that are in child levels. The list includes users who have access to each level, be it System, SO, Customer, or Site:

  • At the System level, there is an SO column, a Customer column and a Site column.

  • At the SO level, there is a Customer column and a Site column.

  • At the Customer level, there must be a Site column.

  • At the Site level, you can only see the users at the Site level.

To view the user list, click AdministrationUser ManagementUsers.

Filtering user information

You can filter and search on all columns. To locate a user or a selection of users, use the filter icons for each column. Filters enable you to select or enter specific criteria.

  • Enter a last name the criteria for Last Name, Login Name, Assigned Roles and API User-Only. N-able - N-central filters as you enter the criteria.

  • Select from the available list for the Assigned Access Groups and Enable columns.

Export a user list

If you need a list of users for analysis or reporting outside of N-able - N-central, you can export the list of users. Any filters or order selected will be included in the export.

Navigate to the level you want; System, SO, Customer or Site, click Export and select to export to CSV or PDF.

N-able - N-central downloads the file to the defined Downloads folder in the browser.

Other user user-related tasks

You can also perform other tasks, including: