Selecting device credentials for running scripts

You can configure default behavior for Probes and Agents, like the security credentials to be used when administrative tasks, such as running scripts and distributing third-party installation software, are performed.

The agent credentials you can store in N-central are the User Name and Password for devices.

We do NOT support the use of commas in usernames and passwords.

Select Security Credentials

When creating scripts, you can select the security credentials of the account that will be used to run the script on the device.

  • Select Use LocalSystem Credentials to use existing system level credentials to run the task.

  • Select Use Device Credentials to use existing device credentials to access the device for running the task.

  • Select Custom Credentials to specify a user name and password to use for this task.

If N-able N-central cannot log in using the configured device credentials, it defaults to the LocalSystem credentials.

Configure Device Credentials

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Views > All Devices.

  2. Click the name of the device.

  3. Click the Settings tab, then Properties.

  4. Under CREDENTIALS, enter the desired User Name and Password.

  5. Click Save.