Create a custom SSO provider

N-able N-central supports custom SSO using OpenID Connect (OIDC).

  1. Go to Administration > User Management > SSO Providers.

  2. Click Add and select Custom (OpenID Connect).

  3. In the Details tab, enter the IDP account credentials for OpenID Connect.

    As of N-central version 2023.6, you must include .well-known/openid-configuration to your Authority URL in the Authority/service: field.

  4. Click TEST CONNECTION to confirm that N-able N-central can successfully communicate with the server.
  5. If you want to use the N-central MFA, select the When importing users, require MFA check box in IMPORT SETTINGS.
  6. Click the Link Users tab and then click the LINK USERS button.
  7. Select the users for which you want to enable SSO and click LINK.
  8. You must have created your users locally before you can link them.

  9. Click Save.