Default and upgrading users

Two accounts appear in the user list at the System or Product Administrator level when you go to AdministrationUser ManagementUsers. These accounts are included to help Technical Support with troubleshooting when investigating issues. The accounts are:

  • N-able Administrator ( used to log in to the N-central Administrator Console (NAC)
  • N-able Support ( used to log in to the user interface.

Both accounts are permanent and cannot be deleted or locked.

Upgrading N-able N-central

When upgrading from a previous version of N-able N-central, the upgrade recreates your existing users, including permissions and customer assignments. Default user accounts in N-able N-central 10.2.1 or earlier, are recreated as roles. The accounts/roles are:

  • Product Administrator
  • SO Admin
  • SO Tech
  • SO User
  • Admin User
  • Customer Dashboard User
  • Remote Control User