Untangle – Virus service

The Untangle - Virus service monitors the number of scanned messages, blocked viruses, passed messages, and removed viruses detected by the Untangle device.

This service cannot use Self Healing.

Service Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Any Untangle UTM device.
Device Class Other, Switch/Router
Monitored By Windows probe
Scan Interval 5 minutes


N-able N-central services use Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) for all calculation formulae.

Metric Name OID/Calculation Description
Scanned Messages ^ The number of messages scanned for viruses.
Blocked Viruses ^ The number of blocked viruses.
Passed Messages ^ The number of messages found to be virus-free.
Removed Viruses ^ The number of viruses that were removed.