Windows Firewall Profiles service

The Windows Firewall Profiles service monitors the status, either Enabled or Disabled, of the Standard, Domain and Public profiles in Windows Firewall.

This service is based on data returned from the Windows Firewall AMP Automation Manager Policy, which is included with N-able N-central. This AMP file queries the registry to determine the status of each Windows Firewall profile.

Service TypeAutomation Manager Policy
Supported Systems/ApplciationsWindows devices with Windows firewall enabled.
Max Instances on each device1
Device ClassServers - windows, Workstations - Windows, Laptops - Windows
Monitored ByWindows agent
Scan Interval5 minutes


IssueCorrective Action

Check the following:

  • The targeted device has Windows Firewall enabled.
  • PowerShell 3.0 or higher is installed on the targeted device.


NameDefault Thresholds
Standard Profile Enabled

Normal: True

Failed: False

Public Profile Enabled

Normal: True

Failed: False

Domain Profile Enabled

Normal: True

Failed: False