Disk encryption status service

The Disk Encryption Status service displays the information on the disk volume encrypted with Disk Encryption Manager at regular scan intervals.

Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device Up to 50
Supported Systems/Applications Windows
Device Class Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, Workstation - Windows
Monitored By Windows agent
Scan Interval (Minutes) 60 minutes (default)

Status details

Status Detail Description

Indicates if Disk Encryption Manager is installed.

Normal = True

Failed = False

Enabled Indicates that Disk Encryption Manager is on.
Disk Indicates the disk volume(s) that are encrypted.
Name The name of the disk.

Disk is Encryptable

Indicates that the disk can be encrypted. Removable thumb drives cannot be encrypted.
Size (GB) The size of the disk drive.
Boot Disk Indicates if the encrypted drive is a boot disk.
BitLocker Installed Indicates if BitLocker is installed on the device.

Disk Encryption State

Identifies the encryption state of the drive.

Normal = disk is encrypted.

Warning = disk is Unencrypted.

Key protector strength The type of encryption access protection: TPM, Numerical Password (PIN), and Pass Phrase (password).