Traffic service

The Traffic service uses the Windows probe to monitor the amount of data transmitted to and from the full duplex network interfaces on a device. You can monitor upload and download speeds independently allowing for accurate reporting on network interfaces that have a download speed that is different from the upload speed.

  1. Configure SNMP on the device. For more information, see the manufacturer's documentation.
  2. Login to N-able N-central.
  3. Click View > All Devices and click the name of a device.
  4. Click Settings > Properties and ensure the Use SNMP.
  5. Click Save if required.
  6. Click MonitoringStatus and click Add,
  7. Enter 1 for the number of instances of the Traffic service that you would like to associate to the device
  8. Click Apply.
  9. Click the Traffic service and click the Service Details tab.
  10. In Interfaces to Monitor, select the NICs/ports that you would like to monitor.
  11. Click OK.

Basic Service Information

Service TypeSNMP
Instances on a Device400
Device ClassServer - Generic, Other, Printer, Scanner/Camera, Switch/Router, and Server - Windows
Monitored ByWindows probe
Interfaces to MonitorSelect the name or SNMP index of the NICs or ports that you would like to monitor.
Scan Interval15 minutes
Upload Speed (MBits/sec)Enter the upload speed of the interface.
Download Speed (MBits/sec)Enter the download speed of the interface.

OIDs used by the Traffic service

Object DescriptorsNumerical OID


N-able N-central services use Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) for all calculation formulae.

Metric NameOID/Calculation
Total Traffic Throughput((^ifInOctets+ ^ifOutOctets)*8000)/^SysUpTime
Incoming Traffic Throughput(^ifInOctets*800)/(^sysUpTime)
Outgoing Traffic Throughput(^ifOutOctets*800)/(^sysUpTime)
Total Bandwidth Utilization((^ifInOctets+ ^ifOutOctets)*8000)/(^SysUpTime*$downbitspersecspeed*1048576)
Outgoing Bandwidth Utilization(^ifOutOctets*8000)/(^SysUpTime*$downbitspersecspeed*1048576)
Incoming Bandwidth Utilization(^ifInOctets*8000)/(^SysUpTime*$downbitspersecspeed*1048576)
Incoming Traffic^ifInOctets
Outgoing Traffic^ifOutOctets
Total Traffic^ifInOctets + ^ifOutOctets
Detected Port Speed ^ifSpeed