LocalIP service

The LocalIP service provides a way to keep the N-able N-central database up to date by checking the IP address of a monitored device. The Local IP test returns the IP address of the monitored device to the central server and displays it on the details screen for a device. Use the Local IP test to monitor networks that use dynamic IP addressing. 

To monitor the local IP of a device, select Update Monitored Address on the Agent tab of the device. Selecting this option causes the central server to update the device's network address that is monitored by the server. The central server updates the address when the device's local IP address changes based on the information gathered by the agent on the device.

N-able N-central does not monitor the status of the Local IP service and cannot create reports for it.

Service TypeLocal API
Instances on a Device1
Device ClassServer - Generic, Workstation - Generic, Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows
Monitored ByWindows agent
Scan Interval5 minutes

The LocalIP Address (%) threshold value is 100 in the following situations:

  • when the Local IP service first scans, or
  • if the local agent is manually restarted, or
  • if the scanned IP address does not equal the defined address in the device settings network address field.

The Local IP Address (%) threshold value is 50 if the scanned IP address equals the defined in the device settings network address field.