Folder Info service

The Folder Info service monitors the size of a folder on a Windows device and the number of files in that directory. The file count only considers files that are in the specified folder; files that exist in sub-folders are not considered.

By default, the Folder Info service monitors the C:\ drive.

Basic service information

Service Type WMI
Max instances on a Device 100
Supported device class Windows Servers, Windows Workstations and Windows laptops
Monitored by Windows agent
Scan interval 20 Minutes


Status Detail Description
Misconfigured Check the drive specified exists in the target device.


Name Default Thresholds
Directory Size (MB)

Normal: 0 - 100

Warning: 95 - 190

Failed: 181 - ∞

File Count

Normal: 0 - 100

Warning: 99 - 100

Failed: 99 - ∞