BES Message status service

The BES Message Status service monitors the following message statistics on a Blackberry Enterprise Server:

  • the number of failed messages,
  • the number of pending messages,
  • the number of expired messages,
  • the number of messages sent per minute, and,
  • the number of messages received per minute.
Service TypeSNMP
Instances on a Device10
Supported Systems/ApplicationsAny BLACKBERRYSERVER-MIB compliant device
Device ClassServer - Generic, Server - Windows
Monitored ByWindows probes
Scan Interval5 minutes
SRP IdentifierThe Server Routing Protocol (SRP) Identifier is a unique value used to register and authenticate the BlackBerry Enterprise Server on the network.


Metric NameOID/CalculationDescription
Failed Messages1. Tthe number of messages to hand-held devices that have failed.
Expired Messages1. The number of messages to hand-held devices that have expired.
Pending Messages1. number of messages pending for delivery to hand-held devices.
Messages Sent per Minute1. total number of messages sent from hand-held devices per minute.
Messages Received per Minute1. total number of messages delivered to hand-held devices per minute.
BES Instance Name1. BlackBerry Enterprise Server's unique SRP identifier.