RAID Status (Adaptec) service

The RAID Status (Adaptec) service monitors the status of the specified Adaptec RAID controller.

You must install the Adaptec Storage Manager or IBM ServeRAID Manager. For a complete list of supported models, see: .

Special Note

This service operates in conjunction with the vendor-supplied hardware agent and requires SNMP to be configured so that it is accessible from both the N-able N-central Agent and the N-able N-central Probe.

The following are the requirements in order to associate this service with a device:

  • The device must undergo discovery using a Probe-based asset scan.
  • You need to enable SNMP enabled on the device on the Properties tab of the device.
  • Once you enable SNMP for the device, you need to configure a community string. The default community string is public.
Service TypeSNMP
Instances on a Device10
Supported Systems/ApplicationsAny device using an Adaptec HostRAID card or an IBM ServeRAID card.
Device ClassServer - Generic and Server - Windows
Monitored ByWindows probes
Scan Interval5 minutes
RAID Controller SNMP IdentifierUsed to specify the SNMP identifier for the RAID controller. You can find the identifier by querying the device with the SNMP OID.


Metric NameOID/CalculationDescription
RAID Controller Status1.

The “RAID Controller Status” scandetail is mapped as...

  • Normal: 3
  • Warning: 4
  • Failed: 1,2,5

... where ...

  • 1: Unknown
  • 2: Other
  • 3: Okay
  • 4: Warning
  • 5: Failure
RAID Controller Status Description1.

The status of the RAID Controller as one of:

  • Unknown
  • Other
  • Okay
  • Warning
  • Failure
Battery Status1.

The “Battery Status” scandetail is mapped as...

  • Normal: 3,5
  • Warning: 1,2,4,7,8,9,10
  • Failed: 6

... where ...

  • 1: Unknown
  • 2: Other
  • 3: Applicable
  • 4: Not Installed
  • 5: Okay
  • 6: Failed
  • 7: Charging
  • 8: Discharging
  • 9: In Maintenance Mode
  • 10: Charging Disabled
Battery Status Description1.

The status of the battery for the RAID controller as one of:

  • Unknown
  • Other
  • Applicable
  • Not Installed
  • Okay
  • Failed
  • Charging
  • Discharging
  • In Maintenance Mode
  • Charging Disabled
Model1. model (descriptive name) of the RAID controller.
Serial Number1. serial number of the RAID controller.
Firmware Version1. Tthe version of the RAID controller firmware.