Printer Status service

The Printer Status service monitors the current status of a specified printer.

This service cannot use Self Healing.

Service TypeSNMP
Instances on a Device1
Supported Systems/ApplicationsAny SNMP HOST-RESOURCES-MIB Compliant Device (RFC1514)
Device ClassPrinter
Monitored ByWindows probe
Scan Interval15 minutes


Metric NameOID/CalculatioDescription
Printer Status

Indicates the current condition of the printer as one of:

  • 1: Other
  • 2: Unknown
  • 3: Idle
  • 4: Printing
  • 5: Warming Up
Printer Detected Error State

If the printer is in an error state, the conditions that defined this state are reported as one of:

  • 0: Low supply of paper
  • 1: No paper available
  • 2: Low supply of toner
  • 3: No toner available
  • 4: A door on the printer is open
  • 5: The printer is jammed
  • 6: The printer is offline
  • 7: Technical service is requested for the printer
  • 8: The input tray is missing or not installed properly
  • 9: The output tray is missing or not installed properly
  • 10: The marker supply is missing or not installed properly
  • 11: The output tray is nearly full
  • 12: The output tray is full
  • 13: The input tray is empty
  • 14: The printer is overdue for preventative maintenance