Temperature Status (NetApp) service

The Temperature Status (NetApp) service monitors the status of a temperature sensor in a NetApp device.

NetApp devices respond to SNMP version 1 and 2c queries. However, on large devices the Physical Disk and Volume counters can exceed the limit of the 32-bit counters used by SNMP version 1. This results in negative values, and a misconfigured service in N-able N-central. For NetApp devices, use SNMP version 2c whenever possible.

Manufacturer Information

Service Type SNMP
Discovery OID Index 0
Supported Systems/Application NetApp device with SNMP enabled.

N-able N-central information

Known Limitations N/A
Max. Instances Per Device 1
Supported Device Class Storage
Notification Profile N/A
Monitored By Windows probe


Issue Recommendation
Misconfigured Check to see if you have the correct credential on the device.




OID Used for this Metric Supported Values Calculations/
Threshold Mapping
Default Thresholds
Is the NetApp SAN running too hot N/A N/A 0: No (Normal)
1: Yes (Failed)