CPU (NetApp) service

The CPU (NetApp) service monitors the CPU usage, indicating the load (as a percentage) on the CPU of a NetApp SAN.

NetApp devices respond to SNMP version 1 and 2c queries. However, on large devices the Physical Disk and Volume counters can exceed the limit of the 32-bit counters used by SNMP version 1. This results in negative values, and a misconfigured service in N-able N-central. For NetApp devices, use SNMP version 2c whenever possible.


Service TypeSNMP
Service ID24142
Supported Systems/ApplicationIndicates the load as a percentage of the CPU of a NetApp SAN.
Max. Instances Per Device1
Scheduler TypeInterval Based Scheduler
Time to Stale30
Service DescriptionMonitors CPU usage.
OID(s)$CPU -

Input values

User Configurable OptionsSettingsUnitsDefault Settings
Scan IntervalRange 51440Minutes5

Output values

MetricsDefault ThresholdsUnitsFormulaeNotes
CPU UtilizationRange 1100N/A$CPUThe service shows the amount of failures along with the corresponding message associated with the failure.
Normal 079


IssueCorrective Action
MisconfiguredEither SNMP is not configured on the device or the community string may be incorrect.