Battery Status (NetApp) service

The Battery Status (NetApp) service monitors the health of the NVRAM battery in a NetApp SAN.

NetApp devices respond to SNMP version 1 and 2c queries. However, on large devices the Physical Disk and Volume counters can exceed the limit of the 32-bit counters used by SNMP version 1. This results in negative values, and a misconfigured service in N-able N-central. For NetApp devices, use SNMP version 2c whenever possible.

Basic service information

Service Type SNMP
Supported Systems/Application Any NetApp device with SNMP enabled.
Max Instances on each device 1
Supported Device class Switch/Router, other
Monitored by Windows probe


Issue Corrective Action

Check the following:

  • You have the correct SNMP community string specified for the device.
  • The correct SNMP index has been specified on the Service Details tab (the correct SNMP index can be found by querying the NetApp SAN with the SNMP OID)


Name OID Used Default Thresholds
Battery Status

Normal: 1 (ok)

Warning: Partially Discharged (2), Near End of Life (5)

Failed: Fully Discharged (3), Not Present (4), At End of Life (6), Unknown (7)