IIS ASP.NET Monitoring service

The IIS ASP.NET Monitoring service monitors IIS metrics for application pools, ASP.net metrics and related processes.

Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device 15
Supported Systems/Applications Internet Information Services (IIS)
Device Class Server - Windows
Monitored By Windows agent
Scan Interval 15 minutes
Minimum Scan Interval 1 minute


Status Detail Description
ASPNET Application Restarts The number of times an application has been restarted during the period that the web server is monitored. Unexpected increases can indicate that problems are causing your web applications to recycle. This value is reset to zero every time the Internet Information Services (IIS) host is restarted.
ASPNET Worker Process Restarts The number of times that a worker process has restarted on the web server. A worker process can be restarted if it fails unexpectedly or if it is intentionally recycled.
ASPNET Request Wait Time The amount of time in milliseconds that the most recent request waited in the queue to be processed.
ASPNET Apps - Requests In Application Queue The number of requests waiting for service from the application queue.