IIS service

When this service has a scan interval of less than 5 minutes, the agent may take longer than the scan interval to gather the metrics. As a result, you may notice some scan intervals are not populated.

The IIS service monitors the availability and performance of the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS), which is a group of server applications that are compatible with the Windows NT and Windows 2000 Server operating systems. The IIS sets up and administers web sites and search engines, and supports the writing of web-based applications that access databases. 

During the monitoring process, the IIS service uses the Windows probe to measure the IIS server's key metrics. The Windows Services dashboard displays the results.

Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Microsoft IIS
Device Class Laptop - Windows, Server - Windows, and Workstation - Windows
Monitored By Windows probe
Scan Interval 15 minutes
Minimum Scan Interval 1 minute
Web Site Instance Name The name of the web site that you would like to monitor.

Properties queried and calculations performed

Namespace root\cimv2
WMI Class Win32_PerfRawData_W3SVC_WebService
Var.0.Property BytesTotalPersec
Var.1.Property ConnectionAttemptsPersec
Var.2.Property CurrentAnonymousUsers
Var.3.Property CurrentNonAnonymousUsers
Var.4.Property CurrentConnections
Var.5.Property GetRequestsPersec
Var.6.Property LogonAttemptsPersec
Var.7.Property Timestamp_Sys100NS
Var.8.Property Frequency_Sys100NS
Scandetail.0.Recipe (^VarBytesTotal * $timebase08) / ^timeelapse07
Scandetail.1.Recipe (^VarConnectionAttempts * $timebase08) / ^timeelapse07
Scandetail.5.Recipe (^VarGetRequests * $timebase08) / ^timeelapse07
Scandetail.6.Recipe (^VarLogonAttempts * $timebase08) / ^timeelapse07

Status details

Status Detail Description
Send and receive bytes/sec The number of bytes that the server sent and received per second.
Connection attempts/sec The number of attempts made to connect to the web per second.
Total anonymous users/sec The number of anonymous users who accessed a web page per second.
Total known users/sec The number of known users who accessed a web page, per second.
Total current connections The number of current web connections.
Total Get requests/sec The number of "Get" requests made to retrieve web sites per second.
Total log-on attempts/sec The number of attempts made to log-on to a web service per second.