Hyper-V Health service

The Hyper-V Health service monitors the status of a Hyper-V server.

Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Windows Server 2012 R2
Device Class Server - Windows
Monitored By Windows probes
Scan Interval 15 minutes

Status details

Status Detail Description
Number of Partitions in Critical State The total number of partitions in the Hyper-V server that are currently not functioning properly.
Ratio of Virtual to Logical Processors The number of virtual processors present in the Hyper-V server expressed as a ratio to the total number of logical processors.
Guest Utilization (%) The percentage of processor resources currently in use by guest virtual machines.
Logical Processor 0: % Total Runtime (%) The total combined percentage of processor utilization used by guest operating systems and hypervisor software.
Root CPU: % Utilization The percentage of processor utilization of the root CPU.
Root Virtual Processor: % Hypervisor Runtime (%) The percentage of processor utilization of the root virtual processor running as a hypervisor.