Power Supply (Fujitsu) service

The Power Supply (Fujitsu) service monitors the status and current load of a power supply in a Fujitsu device.

Service Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 100
Supported Systems/Applications Fujitsu servers running the Fujitsu ServerView agent.
Device Class for CPU (SNMP) Servers - Generic or Servers - Windows
Monitored By Windows agent
Power Supply Type the name of the power supply to be monitored. For a list of power supplies, query the device with the . SNMP OID.
Scanning The scan interval can be configured according to either a Once a Day or Daily Interval schedule.


Object Descriptors Numerical OID


Status Detail Description

Describes the current status of the power supply that is being monitored with values mapped as:

  1. WARNING - Unknown
  2. NORMAL - Not Present
  3. NORMAL - OK
  4. FAILED - Failed
  5. FAILED - AC Failed
  6. FAILED - DC Failed
  7. FAILED - Critical Temperature
  8. WARNING - Not Manageable
  9. WARNING - Fan Failure Predicted
  10. FAILED - Fan Failure
  11. FAILED - Power Safe Mode
  12. FAILED - Non Redundant DC Fail
  13. FAILED - Non Redundant AC Fail
Power Supply Output Load Describes the current actual output load measured in Watts, of the monitored power supply.