FW-ZyWALL service

The FW-ZyWALL service provides a way to track the status of your firewall and generate notifications and trend reports on its activities.

This service cannot use Self Healing.

Service TypeSecurity Log
Instances on a Device1
Supported Systems/ApplicationsZyWALL 2 Plus, 2WG, 5 UTM, 35 UTM, and 70UTM firewalls
Device ClassSwitch/Router, Other
Monitored ByWindows probe
Scan Interval5 minutes


Metric NameDescription
System ErrorsMonitors for any system errors reported by the ZyWALL device.
IPSec IKE or PKIMonitors for any IPSec IKE or PKI attacks reported by the ZyWALL device.
Blocked Web SitesMonitors for any attempts to access blocked web sites.
AttacksMonitors for any attacks.
Other CategoriesMonitors for any other issues reported by the ZyWALL device.