Fan Status (VMware) service

The Fan Status (VMware) service monitors the status and speed (RPM) of the fans on ESXi servers. N-able N-central uses the Common Information Model (CIM) services and ports for monitoring.

If your ESX/ESXi server is operating on either Dell or HP hardware, it is strongly recommended that you install the Dell or HP Offline Bundle before the Windows probe discovers the ESX/ESXi server.

Service TypeESXi
Instances on a Device100
Supported Systems/ApplicationsESXi 6.x and later
Device ClassServer - ESXi
Monitored ByWindows probes
Scan Interval5 minutes
Fan NameThe name of the monitored fan.

This service cannot use Self Healing.

To access information on the fans on your ESXi server, use a browser to access the following URL:


Note that the Managed Object Browser (MOB) by default may be disabled and you may need to enable this feature.

Metric NameDescription
Fan Speed (RPM)The speed in revolutions per minute (RPM) of the fan.
StateIndicates whether the fan is enabled or disabled.
State DescriptionN/A
Fan Health State

The fan status is mapped as:

  • Normal: 1
  • Warning: 1, 2, 4
  • Failed: 5, 6
Fan Health State Description

Describes the status of the fan:

  • Other
  • Unknown
  • OK
  • Non-critical
  • Critical or Non-recoverable