Fan Status (IBM) service

The Fan Status (IBM) service monitors the status of the specified fan sensor on IBM servers.

Special Note

This service operates in conjunction with the vendor-supplied hardware agent and requires SNMP to be configured so that it is accessible from both the N-able N-central Agent and the N-able N-central Probe.

The following are the requirements in order to associate this service with a device:

  • The device must undergo discovery using a Probe-based asset scan.
  • You need to enable SNMP enabled on the device on the Properties tab of the device.
  • Once you enable SNMP for the device, you need to configure a community string. The default community string is public.
Service Type SNMP
Instances on a Device 10
Supported Systems/Applications Any UMSLMSENSOR-MIB Compliant Device.
Device Class Server - Windows, Server - Generic
Monitored By Windows agent, Windows probe
Scan Interval 5 minutes
Fan Sensor Name The name of the monitored fan sensor. You can obtain the name by querying the device with the . SNMP OID. The default setting is Fan Sensor 1.


Metric Name OID/Calculation Description
Fan Sensor Status . The status of the fan sensor.
Fan Speed (RPM) . The speed of the fan.