F-Secure AV Software Updates service

The F-Secure AV Software Updates service monitors the service status and update information, including automatic or missing updates. For more information, see www.f-secure.com.

You need to enable WMI Provider in the General settings of the PSB Portal to use this service. For more information see the F-Secure documentation.

Manufacturer information

Service Type WMI
Namespace FSECURE
Supported Systems/Applications PSB Workstation Security 10.5 only.

N-able N-central information

Known Limitations Supports PSB Workstation Security 10.5 only.
Max. Instances Per Device 1
Supported Device Class Workstation - Windows
Laptop - Windows
Notification Profile F-Secure AV
Monitored By Local agent


Issue Recommendation
Status Enabled is Disabled Check the F-Secure console to ensure that F-Secure is running properly.
Status Misconfigured Ensure you are running a supported version of F-Secure.


WMI Class softwareupdater


WMI Property Supported Values Calculations/
Threshold Mapping
Default Thresholds
Enabled 1 – Enabled
0 – Disabled
N/A Off
InstallSecurityUpdatesAutomatically 0 – None

1 – Critical

2 – Critical & important

3 – All
MissingImportantUpdatesCount N/A N/A Off
MissingOtherUpdatesCount N/A Off
MissingCriticalUpdatesCount N/A Off