F-Secure AV Definitions service

The F-Secure AV Definitions service monitors all the F-secure AV definitions, including EngineId, EngineName, EngineVersion, and others. For more information, see www.f-secure.com.

You need to enable WMI Provider in the General settings of the PSB Portal to use this service. For more information see the F-Secure documentation.

10030F-Secure Online15.10.112
40001 F-Secure Spam Scanner1.00.96942015-07-07_01
50002F-Secure USS5.08.942015-07-13_01
60002F-Secure BlackLight 2.04.10992013-05-27_01
80001F-Secure Gemini 3.02.3842015-08-13_01
10010F-Secure Hydra 5.14.1512015-08-13_01
10020F-Secure Aquarius 11.00.012015-08-14_06

Manufacturer information

Service TypeAMP
Supported Systems/ApplicationPSB Workstation Security 10.5 only.

N-able N-central information

Known LimitationsSupports PSB Workstation Security 10.5 only.
Max. Instances Per Device8
Supported Device ClassWorkstation - Windows
Laptop - Windows
Notification ProfileF-Secure AV
Monitored ByLocal agent


Engineid 40001,50002 and 60002 always Failed or warningNote the Update Time property in the F-secure console and download any pending updates. If the issue persists, verify the Update Time again. If it is current, consider turning off the threshold value or increase the UpdateTime in Days value.


WMI ClassAvDefinition


WMI PropertySupported ValuesCalculations/
Threshold Mapping
Default Thresholds
Update TimeN/AN/AOff
UpdateTime Age in DaysN/ACurrent time - UpdateTimeNormal: 0-7
Warning: 8-30
Failed: 31-365