Exchange Database Latency 2013 service

The Exchange Database Latency 2013 service monitors latencies of a Microsoft Exchange 2013 database that can be caused by a number of issues including disk latencies due to a bad disk, domain controller latencies, or high user workload.

This service queries the Win32_PerfFormattedData_ESE_MSExchangeDatabaseInstances WMI class for the following values:

  • iodatabasewritesaveragelatency
  • iodatabasereadsaveragelatency
  • loggenerationcheckpointdepth
Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Device Class Server - Windows
Monitored By Windows agent
Scan Interval 15 minutes
Database Instance The name of the Exchange 2013 database being monitored.

Status detail

Status Detail Description
Log Generation Checkpoint Depth Indicates that the Exchange server is receiving messages faster than they it can written to the transport queue database due to reduced flow of intra-site, inter-site, or external mail messages. This may be due to message volume exceeding server capacity, applications other than Microsoft Exchange Server are accessing or placing file locks on the transaction log files, or hard disks are not performing at a level to meet the disk I/O requirements of the Exchange environment.
IO Database Reads Average Latency Indicates the average time, in milliseconds (ms), to read from the database file.
IO Database Writes Average Latency Indicates the average time, in milliseconds (ms), to write to the database file.