Exchange Database 2013 service

The Exchange Database 2013 service monitors the health of an Microsoft Exchange 2013 database.

Service Type WMI
Instances on a Device 1
Supported Systems/Applications Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Device Class Server - Windows
Monitored By Windows agent
Scan Interval 5 minutes
Database Name Enter the name of the database that you want to monitor.

Status details

Status Detail Description
Database Page Fault Stalls The rate of page faults that cannot be serviced because there are no pages available for allocation from the database cache.
Database Cache Percent Hit The percentage of database file page requests that were fulfilled by the database cache without causing a file operation since the server was started.
Log Record Stalls The number of log records that cannot be added to the log buffers, expressed in stalls per second, because the log buffers are full.
Log Threads Waiting The number of threads waiting to complete an update of the database by writing their data to the log.