Temperature Status (Dell iDRAC) service

The Temperature Status (Dell iDRAC) service monitors the temperature of a Dell PowerEdge server using the embedded integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC).

Service TypeSNMP
Instances on a Device100
Supported Systems/ApplicationsDell PowerEdge servers with integrated Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC)
Device Class for CPU (SNMP)Servers - Management Interface
Monitored ByWindows agent
Scan Interval15 minutes
SNMP IndexEnter or select the index of the chassis monitored for temperature.


Status DetailObject DescriptorsNumerical OIDDescription
Chassis Index$ChassisIndex1. index of the system chassis as an integer value between 1 and 128.

The combined status of all temperature statistics objects of this system mapped as:

1 - other,
2 - unknown,
3 - ok,
4 - nonCritical,
5 - critical, and,
6 - nonRecoverable.